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Superfly-Book 3

Fly On! 

During Operation Leviathan, anti-whaler Sarah Sumner and her devoted deckhand, Gunner, navigate around spaceships attacking vessels and beaming-up whales. There’s a new predator in the Southern Ocean. It’s not just the Japanese whalers anymore.

The captain’s strategies to evade the harpooners, lands the crew in an unexpected tropical paradise in Antarctica. Beneath the ice, Sarah and Gunner fear an ancient civilization sacrificing whales to half-human, half-reptile gods. Trying to escape, they fall into the hands of an old foe and a booty of mermaids.

Back on the MerSea, as the vegan captain and crew go nuts, Sarah and Gunner surmise their new world through history, mythology, and religion. How will Sarah fight her new enemy with a tail?

Superfly is an urban fantasy romance and book three in the MerSea series filled with action, adventure, and an inspirational, transforming tail.


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Superflop-Book 2

Flop Happens!

Kicked off the conservation ship, the MerSea, marine biologist Sarah Sumner is determined to rejoin Swedish deckhand, Gunner, in thwarting the Japanese whalers in Operation Mustache.

While docked in Hobart, Tasmania, Sarah and Gunner devise a plan, seeking why she mutated into a mermaid. Unsuspecting of a sea-maiden among them, the crew willingly help in a game of pretenses with the dodgy scientist.

Feeling like a flop with a failed tail, Sarah’s hormones take over. Diving deeper into their relationship, will Sarah’s jealousy of the new female deckhand and Gunner’s suspicion of the sexy engineer get in the way? Or will she be forced to return home to Dana Point, California?

Superflop is an urban fantasy romance and book two in the MerSea series filled with action, adventure, and an inspirational, transforming tail.


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Superfreak-Book 1

Embrace Your Inner Freak

Wounded by her parents’ traumatic divorce and content with no love life, marine biologist Sarah Sumner is determined to fight for those who have no voice.

Aboard the anti-whaling vessel, the MerSea, she throws smoke bombs and creates mayhem for the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean with Gunner, a fellow deckhand. His compassion and gallows humor make a warm, lasting impression that could melt the ice in Antarctica.

At the end of the campaign, Sarah is stung by a mutant stingray in Australia where she begins morphing into a mermaid. She heads home to California, returning to her job at the Mobi Institute with a secret, not to mention an identity crisis.

While mooring the tempest of her freakish body, she must choose either to advance her career or to continue her expeditions. She longs to save sharks from being finned, but if she returns to the MerSea she can still save lives and explore the waters with Gunner.

Hurt by her father abandoning her years ago and apprehensive about Gunner’s fresh divorce is a shipwreck waiting to happen. And how would they start a relationship with a tail?

By Author Melissa Crismon


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