Blue Jay's pitchers Oliver and Janssen with Angel's pitcher De La Rosa. Photo by Melissa Crismon
Blue Jay’s pitchers Oliver and Janssen with Angel’s pitcher De La Rosa. Photo by Melissa Crismon

I was born in Orange, CA — seeing the Halo sign at the Angels Stadium was routine, but nice to look at. It’s a landmark for me. I don’t own any sports paraphernalia. No jersey or baseball cap in my closet. The reason I went to this game is because of the free tickets. The last baseball game I saw was the Padres and it was okay. Maybe I could find beauty in baseball this time around. I appreciate the sports photographers take on the game.

The day was a beautiful Sunday — not a cloud in the sky. It was Blue Jays vs. Angels.

Let’s stop here. I know very little about team sports. In college, I played my harp for 40 hours a week. I took dance classes and ran ten miles at four a.m. with my friend. So, this will not be a play by play.

So, it was a beautiful day. Our seats were taken so they upgraded the tickets to left field behind the bullpen. I find myself people watching at a live game. You know, I’m writing this post with a New York accent. I’m talkin’ baseball and all a sudden I’m a New Yorka. Watching the pitchers warm up is awesome. There is a lot of excitement as the spectators cheer on the player jogging out of the pen. So, I finally focused on the game. The Angels were winning. Don’t ask me what inning ‘cause I don’t know. A batter from the Blue Jays runs from second base and gets tagged by an Angel. He’s out, right? The Blue Jay runs back to second base. The referee — he spreads his arms, “Safe!” What? There is some tense discussion between the refs as the crowd boos, but the guy is safe.

Angel's, U.S. and Canadian flags. Photo by Melissa Crismon
Angel’s, U.S. and Canadian flags. Photo by Melissa Crismon

The score 6-5 — Blue Jays won. Angels should have won. Fa-ge-a-bou-it!

Days after the game it hits me. There is art on the stadium property. The Halo sign. The big “A” with a halo.