Holidays at Disneyland

It’s the holidays at Disneyland. The day after Halloween was busier than the summer. The line out the gate to Haunted Mansion moved faster than the crowd in the streets. Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas is in his Sandy Claus sleigh on top of the roof ready to deliver presents. Pumpkins are everywhere you looked while moving through the line. When a crowd filled the foyer in the house the doors close and lights flicker, building the suspense. There is a story that ends with a picture of Jack flashing on the ceiling like he is looking through a glass ceiling. You walk through the spooky hall to get to the ride. The best part is the room with the Christmas trees decorated in A Nightmare Before Christmas style. It would have been nice if the balcony bowed out to get a better look at the living room. The décor will stay up through Christmas.

Also, for the holidays “it’s a small world” is decorated with lights on the outside of the building, Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle shimmers at night, and there is “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade with dancing gingerbread men. Some of the light shows are changed up. World of Color has a Winter Dreams theme with Disney’s Frozen characters at Disney California Adventure. Cars Land has a winter wonderland theme. It’s awesome to begin with. It makes you feel like you are in a beautiful desert of Arizona. Downtown Disney has an ice rink, towering tree and special shopping cottages. From downtown to the resort they are having New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Today it is raining and may continue through Saturday which should lighten the crowds. Take umbrellas and backpacks with bottled water and food. Don’t get sucked into eating there, at least not more than one meal. It’s presented well and it’s quality food, but too bland for my taste. I haven’t tried it all, but Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland is the blandest Mexican food I have ever had. The Chinese food at Disney California Adventure is better. You can always drive up S. Harbor Blvd to Fullerton downtown and eat better Mexican food at any hole in the wall. There is also a Walmart Superstore (technically in Anaheim, but almost in Fullerton) off Harbor on E. Orangethorpe Ave. to pick up snacks and inexpensive Disney souvenirs like magnets.