Small World Christmas


Considering how many people loathe It’s a Small World, the line was long. Secretly they really like the ride. If you find it lame, but are forced to go with your loved ones who love this ride then this is the time to go. I believe it was the English tree that had the candles. Mexico celebrates with a Feliz Navidad sign and pinatas. Hawaii has lights and signs for all of Santa’s reindeer. One of my favorites is the Happy Holidays snowman. At the end is a Peace on Earth sign lit up with children holding hands which is the point of It’s a Small World.


And the part that annoys most people is the song. Well, that is shortened. They added two Christmas songs. So, now you have no excuse. You have to go.


Main Street is decorated to the hilt. When you walk in take a photo by the tree in the round-about. As a finale to the fireworks show it snows along Main Street through Fantasyland and by Rivers of America.


Alice in Wonderland had Merry Christmas written on a tea cup, I think. It was a blur trying to take photos and being twirled in a caterpillar. It’s a strange ride, which is the point.


It is in the eighties in some spots of SoCal today. Wish you were here, for all who are not liking the snow right now! We can’t complain here in sunny California.