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Author Nico Rosso at Gypsy Den Alt Cafe in Anaheim. Photo by M.C.
Author Nico Rosso at Gypsy Den Alt Cafe in Anaheim. Photo by M.C.

There is something exciting about meeting other artists in a coffee shop, especially a Bohemian style coffee shop. Atmosphere is an important ingredient for a writer and a good book. Four authors read a chapter from one of their latest books.

Author Zoë Archer reads from her unconventional Victorian romance Sweet Revenge with descriptions of her heroine Ava, “She wasn’t a small woman.” You can hear as she reads that she likes strong female characters. And Dalton her hero, who just broke out of prison, had hands “… thick and tough of coiled rope.”

Author Shauna Roberts reads from her historical romance Claimed by the Enemy set in Mesopotamia. The chapter involves the heroine giving birth with a man aiding, which is unusual for those times. He may be the man who killed her husband, who may turn out to be her hero. Roberts’ husband reads the voice adding life to the character. The male and female point of views are vivid.

Author Nico Rosso reads from his paranormal romance Slam Dance with the Devil. The scene is set in a bar in San Diego as the main character Kent, a musician in a band and a demon, is approached by the heroine, a private investigator investigating Kent. Rosso’s words fly off the page. He’s descriptive and lyrical in his writing. There are song lyrics in his book, but he didn’t read that part. (Find his poetic song lyrics on his website.) This is definitely a romance from a guy’s perspective, making it stand out from some of the feminine prose.

Author and photographer Jenn LeBlanc has a sparkly personality. She reads from her illustrated, sensual Victorian romance The Rake and the Recluse. In school, her teachers didn’t like her writing. She said she would change the font and color of her stories and the teachers would get so hung up on the format that they didn’t give her a chance.

Apparently, the Gypsy Den Alt Café is in renovated downtown Anaheim. It’s super close to Disneyland and has a completely different feeling just a few blocks away from the resort. West Center is a stylish street and the café has great food and service. Who knew? This is a spacious hangout decorated with brown painted walls, dark wallpaper, framed oil paintings and cool colored glass lanterns hanging from the ceiling and of course books.

Lady Jane Salon started in NYC and grew to other cities. Author Beth Yarnall started a Lady Jane Salon OC at Gypsy Den Alt Café, who will be reading in November. Readings are every second Monday of the month at 7pm at the cafe. Or look for a Lady Jane Salon near you.

Gypsy Den Alt Cafe, 211 W. Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92000. Phone (714) 956-4400.

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