San Diego Zoo


I feel sad for animals at zoos, but the San Diego Zoo is the best as animals-being-out-of-their-natural-habitat goes. As we bought our tickets a manager leaned on the ledge outside the ticket box office and said to the associate inside, “The protestors are here.”

“What are they protesting?” I asked.

“Zoos in general,” the forty-something brunette said.

“I can’t disagree,” I said.

The lady nervously laughed.

As we made our way to the entrance I glanced over to check out the protestors. They weren’t protesting zoos in general. A sign read, “Free Elephants from Captivity.”

For as long as I can remember the elephants were behind the Sydney Grill (Enjoy a descent veggie burger with fries and soft serve.) in the Urban Jungle. Their living space was small—no room to run. Now the rhinos are there across from the giraffes. About seven years ago the elephants were moved inside the Zoo to a new home called the Elephant Odyssey. There is an Elephant Care Center and lots of space to roam. From the buildings and steel structures, it is obvious a large amount of money was spent.


The San Diego Zoo is the best zoo I have been to and it is more beautiful than ever maybe because they are celebrating their one hundredth year. Meandering through the 100-acre Zoo is pleasing among the 700,000 exotic plants. I believe in 2010 the non-profit changed their name to San Diego Zoo Global (How PC.) The vision statement is, We will lead the fight against extinction. At least they were the first to lead the way toward animals being out of cages.

Through August, dual membership is $120, single membership is $99 and kids between 3-17 are $50. Membership includes the Zoo in San Diego and the Safari Park in Escondido, California.

San Diego Zoo. Entrance is off Park Blvd. at Zoo Place.