August 2016 First Friday Breakfast with Author Melissa Crismon

I enjoyed our interview Michelle. Thanks for having me!

Michelle Knowlden writes...

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]On the first Friday of August 2016 (okay, too excited to wait), we are having breakfast with author Melissa Crismon.

Melissa fell in love with the idea of writing a book when she read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. Soon after she took a job as a theatre reviewer and was compelled to write a book that has spiraled into a career. With a degree in music, her stories are often musically inspired. Melissa lives with her winsome sailor, little mermaid and rescued pets in sunny California.

She is the author of Superfreak. a MerSea novella.

For this hot late July breakfast, I’m having papaya and figs with feta.  Iced lavender green tea. Melissa, what are you having?

A scrambled egg from a local, vegetarian fed, cage-free chicken, vegan Field Roast sausage and Roastaroma herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings.

Hey, I’d eat that! So tell us about your writing process from concept to…

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RWA16 San Diego

The Kiss
The Kiss by the USS Midway

Romance Writers of America Conferences are always a good time to explore a city. I was in for a surprise staying at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina on West Harbor Drive as far as the location goes. I had seen the condo high rises going up maybe six years ago and also noticed new housing in Little Italy. San Diego has always been a great place to dance, dine, go to the theatre or take a walk along the marina, but in the last five years downtown has become gentrified and perhaps The Finest City to live.

Seaport Village Fountain
Seaport Village fountain

From the Marriott Marquis you can walk north on the marina to Seaport Village for shopping, restaurants and a carousel then the USS Midway area.

Princess Leia in Gaslamp
Storm trooper takes Princess Leia prisoner through Gaslamp

Across the street, over the train tracks into Gaslamp, shopping and dining are fabulous. (However, I did notice homeless spinning a yarn as they panhandled. It also smelled like urine walking the streets. But moms pushing strollers and men walking dogs didn’t seem to mind.) The food and service were excellent at The Food Shop at 465 5th Avenue which serves Vietnamese, sandwiches and pho in a tiny warm space. The organic tofu with rice noodles was savory and filling. Across the street and kitty-corner is The Burger Lounge which offers awesome food and service. As I ate the quinoa burger an exotic brunette in her forties asked me if my food was good. I told her it was orgasmic. She was delighted. (The fresh pickles in the Thousand Island dressing made it pop. Pickles. Orgasmic. Sorry, I just realized. Grin.) She passed by again after using the restroom and wished me happy dining. I’m pretty sure she told the waitress, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

City view
A pixelated city view from the Marriott Marquis San Diego through the Comic-Con ad

The only downside was the Marriott. Men were on scaffolding outside my window for two days putting up a Comic-Con ad. So much for the view. The city jail is on Front Street and the police sirens echo off the buildings every night. And I could hear the elevator on the other side of my bed too. I would recommend another hotel more north. The pool and location were the best part.

Comic-Con eclipses RWA

As I left with Oh Sherry by Journey blasting on the radio, the chatty, chocolate eating, wine drinking women of romance gave way to the hum of Warner Brother’s big rig trucks maneuvering in the doc with a manly crew dressed in black waiting to get to work.