Sawdust 50

Sawdust 50 Microbus
Sawdust Festival VW Microbus. Photo by M.C.

Sawdust is celebrating 50 years with a painted VW Microbus that you can take photos in. It was hard to get a photo of just the bus because everyone wanted a photo driving the van. One lady got in the back and laid down. There must have been some childhood memory she was reminiscing about. Shrug.

I was on a mission. I rarely buy jewelry, but I actually needed a ring. Kirk Milette Jewelry makes fine handmade originals. He has a white gold hammered band for $570 the light bounced off but then I saw this sparkly piece by Leslie Edler at Flamingo Jewelry.

Leslie Edler ring
I put the ring on a wine stopper because I need a manicure. Photo by M.C.

I also bought a mermaid card, I can color in. The artist, Leila Ehdaie, was very nice and so pretty. She is a sous chef during the day and in her off time she crotchets sexy bathing suits and draws mermaids then watercolors them. I asked her about the booths. They felt like they were mapped out differently this year, but I think she said the layout is the same.

Leila Mermaid
Card by Leila of Laguna. Photo by M.C.

She said every year she has to pick her booth. Each artist pays over a thousand dollars to have the booth. Then the artist pays a construction worker to build the booth for about the same. All artists live in Laguna Beach. Leila enjoys the tight community.

I made sure I stopped at Mary Hurlbut’s booth. She changed up her framed photos. If you are on vacation in Laguna Beach, have Mary take photos of your family at the beach. She is affordable. Below is a seascape with my toes from our session.

Mary Hurlbut ocean w feet
By the sea in Dana Point. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.