A Southern Gentleman Book

A Southern Gentleman

“Can a chance encounter with a woman in a Manhattan bar, be enough to heal a nice southern gentleman’s broken heart?”

Today I am hosting super fun Author Tracy Reed of Contemporary Romances. Last year she was on fire determined to publish a book a month. On top of that, she creates her own beautiful covers. I love how she uses the color pink for her title and name A Southern Gentleman by TRACY REED.

In A Southern Gentleman, nice guy Jeremiah Logan, had me at “Pretty Lady.” Southern charm really is enough to fall in love with a hero. Who cares that he has money. Avery Marshall has her own.

Here is a flirty description of A Southern Gentleman.

“A woman walks into a crowded Manhattan bar and meets a nice southern gentleman.” That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke or the beginning of an intriguing love story.

At first meeting, Avery Marshall and Jeremiah Logan, have nothing in common. He’s from Alabama and she’s a native New Yorker. He loves steak and potatoes and she’s trying to loose ten pounds. He thinks her curves are sexy and she loves his accent.

However, their mutual attraction is pointless, because he’s only in town for a few months. But how much time do you need to know you’ve found the “one”?

More about Tracy Reed.

A California native, novelist Tracy Reed pushes the boundaries of her Christian foundation with her sometimes racy and often fiery tales.

After years of living in the Big Apple, this self-proclaimed New Yorker draws from the city’s imagination, intrigue, and inspiration to cultivate characters and plot lines who breathe life to the words on every page.

Tracy’s passion for beautiful fashion and beautiful men direct her vivid creative power towards not only novels, but short stories, poetry, and podcasts. With something for every attention span.

Tracy’s ability to capture an audience is unmatched. Her body of work has been described as a host of stimulating adventures and invigorating expression.

To learn more about Tracy and her books go to readtracyreed.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can also keep up with Tracy by subscribing to her Newsletter.

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