Save The Chickens

Save The Chickens
#SaveTheChickens Photo by M.C.

I can’t get this story out of my head. I had heard about chickens being euthanized. I stumbled across a secondary article about the farmers and their chickens. The original story came from StarTribune and has made it to other online news and Twitter.

The original article I read didn’t explain the chickens will be used for dog food. It also didn’t explain that the farmers had no decision in the matter.

Originally, I thought it would be better to sell the chickens to people who want pets or chickens who lay eggs. But we are talking about a big company that wants to deal with the situation quickly to make money. In a letter to the editor, a Minneapolis resident asked, “Why couldn’t some of those chickens be given away to people that are experiencing food insecurity?”

I remember reading about a report in the 1970s during America’s economic downturn that said chicken farmers dumped thousands of live baby chicks into dumpsters. I knew something similar was coming. Here we are again.

If there is a farmer in America, in a dire situation, who is willing or able to give or sell their chickens to the public then please let me know and I will happily publicize the chickens for you on my blog and Twitter. You may email me at I encourage other bloggers to do the same especially those who are animal lovers. It’s worth a try to save the chickens even if it’s just a few out of 61,000.

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