Ninja Cooking

Ninja Foodie Grill. Photo by M.C.
Ninja Tofu. Photo by M.C.

As a mom it is my wish for all moms to be able to live out their lives with their babies and that includes animals. I don’t buy the “You need meat to survive.” Or even to thrive.

In America, we have seen many animals slaughtered due to the coronavirus, but the animals didn’t have the virus. The reason for slaughtering the animals was because of lower demand, which doesn’t make sense since there has been fund raising for the hungry. I wonder where the donated money is really going. The virus sounds like an attack on the food chain. Get ready to eat more tofu.

I use the Ninja instead of using an outdoor grill that can attract critters. No, food doesn’t have that seared taste, but all the food tastes like restaurant quality.

I don’t go out to eat too often because I don’t know what is in the food. Sometimes a restaurant doesn’t understand veganism. Another problem is if I do find a health food restaurant most of their dishes have wheat or soy. I try to keep away from highly processed soy. The Ninja is so fabulous I don’t even want to eat out. French fries, tofu, and stir-fries are some of my favorites to cook.

The draw back? The Ninja is heavy. I have to drag it out then after cooking, clean it then store it. The Ninja really only feeds three people. If I make a stir-fry for four people, I have to over stuff the basket with veggies. Eventually the food shrinks. And you can’t cook a veggie pattie and fries at the same time. I cook a pattie in the toaster oven while the fries cook.

As you can see in the picture, the tofu sits in a metal basket, which sits in another solid basket. Both can be removed for washing. Another insert is for grilling a burger. I haven’t tried cooking a veggie pattie with it yet.

Airfried Tofu
12 oz tofu, cubed
1 Tbl sunflower oil

Cut up tofu and put in a bowl. Drizzle sunflower oil or an oil that won’t burn on the tofu and mix. Warm up Ninja Foodie Grill. It takes maybe a few minutes. Touch the universal on button, then aircrisp button, then start button. The temperature is set and it cooks for 20 minutes. I usually add 5 minutes. Check tofu every five minutes or so and move around so it gets evenly crispy. I also use a heat safe plastic spoon. You can use this tofu for the Multicultural Personality Curry recipe.

Food for thought:
Sorry to pass on a sad video on this weekend, but suffering doesn’t take a holiday. Most of it didn’t bother me, but I don’t know what you can handle. Don’t watch it on Mother’s Day unless it makes you go vegan. Here is a documentary titled Insight: Slaughtered on Suspicion explains how farmers and their animals are hijacked by the government. The story covers the Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK in 2001. You’ll notice the commonalities with the current virus. (Have you seen the P*andemic Documentary? I managed to save the snippet in my Coronavirus playlist before they take it down. It’s at the bottom of the list.) Back to the Insight documentary, minutes 24:00 to 28:00 are interesting when the farmer mentions environmental schemes, then Peter Greenhill says they were told the animals wouldn’t be killed in front of each other (That didn’t happen.), to the cows being burned which carries dioxins that suppresses the immune system. The farmer says the reason the men killed the animals was to save their jobs and pensions. See how the truth came out? Eventually we will know the truth behind what we are going through now. Pray for the truth to come out.

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day and eat more tofu!

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