Celery Juice Day 22

Celery Juice Day 22. Pic by M.C.

It took me sixteen days to get into the Medical Medium celery juice routine.

In the morning, I squeeze a lemon into 16-ounces of water and drink that quickly. Then half an hour later, I juice my celery juice and drink that slowly. I hold the juice in my mouth to get the enzymes working and for some of the sodium cluster salts to get into my bloodstream. Then I continue my morning routine. About an hour later, I make a strawberry smoothie. The smoothie really helps me feel better. Yeah it’s a lot to add to my morning routine, but it’s only for 30-days. I did juice at night two nights in a row and really liked it so I could drink a green drink after juicing celery and juice for the next day’s smoothie. I will revisit this routine from time to time. Because the salts heal the body in ways we don’t know because it’s being proactive.

About a year and half ago I tried celery juice I think a couple of times and I didn’t like it and it clogged the juicer. Then I tried celery juice for two weeks this summer and called it quits. Then I started to read Celery Juice by Anthony William and got back on the celery juice train. I’m glad I did because now it’s not a big deal and my liver is getting cleaner. And I think the heavy metals are getting cleaned out. I can’t say I’m thinking clearer, but I think the headache was a sign of heavy metals being disarmed. William claims cluster salts defuse the charge of heavy metals.

Like I mentioned before, the first time I drank two weeks of celery juice I had little lightning headaches from allergies which went away from a day or two of drinking celery. The headache from the second time around was a different kind of headache that lasted one day. I’m all good now. I have no negatives to report. Celery juice is a gentle way to detox.

William does say that some people don’t notice what celery juice was doing for them until they stop drinking it. All raw slow juice makes me feel better. But celery juice made me feel bloaty when I only did two weeks, but William says don’t blame celery juice. That’s your body detoxifying. So any negative side effects are part of the cleansing.

Some things he says you might experience while drinking celery juice are acid reflux, bloating, body odor, coldness or chills, headaches and migraines, mood shifts, mouth and tongue sensations, nausea and vomiting, rashes, itching, and breakouts, thirst, and weight loss. But he says not to blame celery juice. I won’t go through all the possible healing reactions but with bloating celery juice is alleviating bloat, not causing it. It could be the toxins coming out of the liver and cleaning out bacteria in the intestinal track. Many people will see this as a negative and give up on doing something as easy as drinking celery juice.

I remember when Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond came out. I loved that book. My mom and I went to her friend’s house and the mother had the book laying on the kitchen table. My mom asked how she liked the book. The overweight, unhealthy-looking lady made excuses about not feeling well doing the things the book talked about. Eating healthy and juicing is a lifestyle. Meaning it should be part of our routine. I’d rather eat fresh fruit, have a smoothie, or drink raw juice in the morning, than to have to take pills.

I hope this encourages you to juice. See you with an update of Celery Juice Day 29.

And thanks for stopping by. I’m enjoying reading your blogs too. Many of you have gone through a long, better-health journey. Here’s to our health!

Happy Juicing!

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Celery Juice Video Review

Discount Juicers

I watched five of John’s celery juice videos on Discount Juicers YouTube channel. And if you drink your juice every time you read juice, juicer, or juicing you’ll have your drink finished.

In the first video two years ago, John compares four juicers for juicing celery. The most interesting comment is in the video “Best Juicer to Make Celery Juice.” In the very beginning, John mentions Medical Medium, Anthony William, interviewed some of John’s friends for the Celery Juice book. Honestly, I would have believed all the information was from Spirit. Good to know the book was researched using John’s friends.

In the very end of the video, John says, “I almost lost my life in my youth and found by eating a fruits and vegetables dominate diet gave me a second chance.”

In video two from June 2019, “How to Juice Celery in Any Vertical Single Auger Slow Juicer“at minute 9:00, John says one pound of veggies is about 8 ounces or 1 cup of juice. At minute 10:00, he recommends cutting the celery in 1/8 inch pieces for a vertical juicer. So, I took his advice and chopped my celery into less than half inch pieces. What a difference! I know longer get my MMV700 MegaMouth juicer in a jam. Yeah it says MegaMouth, but I never put a whole piece of fruit down the feeder tube. That would create too much wasted pulp.

In video three from August 2019, “Easiest Hassle-Free Cold Press Juicer to Make Medical Medium Celery Juice,” John says the Omega NC800 is the easiest machine to use and clean.

In video four from September 2019, at the very beginning of “How to Get 20% More Celery Juice When Juicing with this Juice Hack,” John chops off the tops of the celery stock. I use all the celery. At minute 24:00, John puts pieces of celery with the same amount of pulp. I don’t have a lot of success juicing pulp, but I’ll try his recommendation again. At minute 33:50, John uses Foodsaver Wide Mouth Vacuum Sealer Lid and Pump. He has links below the video if you want to seal your juice for a longer period.

In video five from February 2020, “Is the Medical Medium’s Favorite Celery Juicer Omega MM900HDS Best? ” John reads Medical Medium’s email blast, which gets into the details of the juicer. It’s unclear if the MM900HDS is using Medical Medium’s name or if Omega and Anthony William are in some partnership. In minute 36:00, John says the MM900HDS is made in China.

That surprised me that Omega is having a juicer made in China. For that reason, I would not buy the MM900HDS. John’s the expert on juicing. I would go with his advice first.

I hope this encourages you to juice. See you with an update of Celery Juicing Day 22.

Happy Juicing!

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