Stonewall’s Jerquee and Dark Journalist

Stonewall’s Vegan Jerquee. Pic by M.C.

Stonewall’s Jerquee is my favorite vegan jerky. I think I’ve been eating Stonewall’s for maybe twenty-five years.

Some of the flavors they have are original mild, original wild, peppy “pepperoni,” BBQ “Beef” (The one I buy contains fructose and the one online contains honey.), teriyaki “beef,” spicy chicken, country “bacon,” tandoori “chicken,” and my current favorite hot “pastrami.” The jerky is gluten free too.

Someone online needed high calorie jerky for a vegan hiker. The teriyaki “beef” is 177 calories and the hot “pastrami” is 152 calories. I think our governments and schooling brainwash us into thinking we need to give attention to calories. If I eat whole foods, raw fruits and veggies, and juice mostly greens I get the nutrients I need and therefore I feel satiated. As vegans, it’s important to stop thinking like a meat eater. What works for you? It’s not, what works for them?

Two of my favorite people on YouTube are Daniel Liszt and Catherine Austin Fitts. They are mature and calm people no matter what. I always learn so much. The video is only thirty-six minutes. Usually Dark Journalist goes longer. I am typing out the important parts of the videos these days in case they are removed by the information controllers. Dark Journalist is my favorite history channel. I share the most concise information I can so that I’m not the only one with an un-enslaved mind.

Dark Journalist

“Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State Chaos Op” by Dark Journalist YouTube Channel

1:20 “It was like a live machine gun,” Catherine says about the information coming in about Covid.

1:30 “It’s kind of a dystopian nightmare come to life,” DJ says.

1:34 “It reminds me of all the different tactics they use,” Catherine says.

1:40 “It seems like one of the boldest moves ever on their part,” DJ says.

1:50 “Yes, they built such an incredible control grid with the surveillance systems. And they’re so confident with the mind control technology,” Catherine says.

2:00 DJ acknowledges her outlines in the Solari Reports before anything happened.

2:07 “I assumed that they would do this in 2021. But I think, if you look at what they needed to do to keep the dollar system going and then to accelerate the new system. You know, the dollar system was long in the tooth. And there was a lot of disagreement and a lot of tension globally, as a result of that. But then if you look at the obstacles they were facing on the new system, they were extraordinary. And they ran into serious trouble in December at the WHO meeting in Switzerland. The new system was basically dead in the water. It was incredible. It was like stop. And so I think what they needed was to just . . . It was kinda like steroids for the old and steroids for the new. What’s interesting is, now that they’ve done this . . . My struggle writing the state of our currency was trying to get people to understand what the new vision was . . . It’s so hard for people to understand . . . You can’t fathom that someone would envision downloading operating software into a human body and hooking it up to the DOD clouds. You know that’s not the first thing you think about in the morning when you get up,” Catherine says.

3:50 Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. — CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering). Aaron Russo, documentary producers, gave Albrecht a platform.

5:38 Maps of Kenosha and Minneapolis show fires and opportunity zones.

6:10 “I noticed recently you haven’t cut Trump any slack,” DJ says.

“If you look at what’s going on with the riots?” Catherine says. “You’re talking about many different broken laws,” Catherine said. “So you have people financed to cross state borders and do serious property damage . . . Somebody’s got guns. My guess is you’ve got mercenaries going in there to . . . Somebody financing people like an army going in destroying property. This is all illegal. And the Department of Justice can shut it down in twenty-four hours. Don’t tell me NSA doesn’t know where every phone . . . NSA is tracking them all. The Fed and Treasury know where all the money is. So they know where the money’s coming from. And the Department of Justice can shut them down. So you have total intelligence about who they are, where they’re coming from, and who’s financing them. And they’re breaking the law. The Department of Justice could shut it down in twenty-four hours. I know what the Department of Justice could do to me. I had a business. I was a fine, outstanding citizen in Washington. And know what was done to me. So don’t tell me they can’t shut this down . . . And if they’re not doing it there’s a reason.”

8:00 DJ brings up street revolts.

“Those aren’t street revolts. It’s an operation,” Catherine says. Catherine points out the way the DOD treated riots like contract work and brings up FASB56 money.

9:20 “What would be the aim at having those kind of riots in the streets?” DJ asks.

Catherine goes back to 1995 and the budget.

10:40 “You need a war to get people to self-destruct their own covenant,” Catherine says.

12:35 “If you’re going to protect the secrecy,” Catherine says, “You’re gonna protect the 21 Trillion, you need the mechanism to be destroyed. And you need the people to destroy the mechanism. Remember, you’re trying to get the younger generation to support you destroying their family wealth and the money they stand to inherit.”

13:50 Harry Potter game. “Make the insiders out to be wizards and your stupid parents out to be muggles,” Catherine says. “Who cares about the muggles? Let’s ditch them. Not realizing you’re not ditching them. You’re ditching the inheritance they were going to leave you.”

14:00 Generational politics and Civil War and Black Neighborhoods

16:40 The invention room. “Don’t underestimate the ability of the general population to make a huge difference.”

17:20 Weather Warfare, Riots, Covid, Banks, and The Internet of Things

The smart grid would be in Fed cities, initially.

19:30 Bill Gates

22:00 The Election and the Vaccine

23:35 Catherine talks about Trump

“How many wars has Trump started?” Catherine asks. DJ says, “None.”

“Trump has put a lot of cracks in the Matrix,” Catherine says.

29:30 The Right Left Game

“Trump did FASB56,” Catherine says. “Secret money for secret armies in infinite amount.”

31:55 Catherine says, “In the beginning of the Trump Administration, Chuck Schumer gave an interview. And he said, ‘The President is going to have to learn, he cannot treat the CIA that way. He cannot buck the CIA. They have fifty ways from Sunday to get you. He has to do what they say.’ And what Chuck Schumer did was he explained to the United States—hears what I heard, not his words—Since the Kennedy assassination, the CIA runs the country not the President.”

32:45 After World War II and the CIA

33:45 “Those were the rumors, that Gates’ success was based on the fact that NSA had a back door into everything,” Catherine says.

I hope you try Stonewell’s Jerquee and enjoy Dark Journalist as much as I do. Thanks for following my blog!

Happy Vegan!

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Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. Pic by M.C.

It’s technically not summer in California anymore. I can feel some crispness in the air, but the days are still warm. I thought I’d share a smoothie for those last hot days.

I find people online asking about how to detox. Don’t make it difficult on yourself. Medical Medium’s protocol is tangible. You’ll need a juicer for the celery, but the rest you can find at the health food store.

I finally collected all the items needed for Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. I didn’t think I would find frozen wild blueberries so easily in the freezer section of my health food store. And they weren’t any more expensive than any other frozen fruit. Finding Atlantic dulse wasn’t difficult either. It just was on its own twirly rack. I have not eaten it by itself, but I can’t taste it in the smoothie.

MRM Spirulina, Woodstock Wild Blueberries, Pines Barley Grass,
and Rising Tide Sea Vegetables Atlantic Dulse.
Pic by M.C.

Pines wheat and barley grass powders are great to add to water or smoothies every day or on the go. It’s an easy way to get your greens.

Spirulina isn’t as tasty as barley grass, but a little goes a long way. The reason why I like spirulina is because it decalcifies the third eye better known as your pineal gland in the center of your brain. Try a teaspoon of spirulina in your smoothies or salad dressing and see if you think clearer, sleep better, and feel happier.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly because it has a lot of cilantro. Definitely chop up the cilantro or you’ll end up with pieces of stem which is not appetizing.

I learned I can use an orange and water to make juice needed for a smoothie. Oranges stay fresh for a long time. I like the idea I can make fresh juice quickly.

You can drink the detox smoothie the same days you drink celery juice. You will definitely detox. In Celery Juice by Anthony William, he recommends to start your morning by drinking 32-ounces of lemon or lime water. Then 15 to 30 minutes later drink 16-ounces of celery juice. After 15 to 30 minutes, drink the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. William says to avoid dairy, eggs, gluten, corn, soy, pork, nutritional yeast, canola oil, natural flavors, vinegar, and fermented foods as you are cleansing.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe
1 banana
1 cup wild blueberries
12 stems cilantro, chopped
1 tsp. Pines barley grass powder
1 tsp. spirulina powder
1 Tbsp. Atlantic dulse
1 orange
1 cup water

Yield: 16-ounces

Wash and chop stems with leaves of cilantro. Cut off peel of orange and chop. Chop dulse leaves. Combine banana, blueberries, cilantro, barley grass, spirulina, dulse, and orange. You might want to start with a half cup of water to make your smoothie thicker. Blend and enjoy!

Here is the original recipe for the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. I hope you will try celery juice and the detox smoothie. These have truly benefited me.

Happy Vegan!

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