Bombshell Evidence on COVID

Amanda Vollmer from Yum Naturals Emporium

I’ve been talking a lot with my family about the coronavirus. One of the old hippies in my family was telling me the doctors and nurses they know are saying the virus is real. I asked if one of the doctors had looked at the virus under the microscope. My family member didn’t know. My family member also kept judging people for not wearing the mask. I told them I was surprised by their belief and reaction being a vegan and a hippie.

So I found a video and it seemed to change their mind. My family member even subscribed to Yum Naturals Emporium. Amanda Vollmer reminded them about old school thinking that the body heals itself.

I am new to Yum Naturals Emporium. Another YouTuber recommended the channel. Luckily, the video I’m going to share today is only twenty one minutes long. I wish all YouTubers would keep their videos to under an hour or less. I’ve got too much to do and books I’d rather read.

I have watched the video numerous times because I am not an expert. Amanda gave me some clarity and sanity in these times. Here is the breakdown.

“Bombshell Evidence that COVID RT-PCR Tests for Chromosome 8 Human DNA Primary Assembly,” from Yum Naturals Emporium.

2:00 “Viruses do not exist as described. We do not have contagion. We do not have a germ theory. That is all false. What is going on and what these PCR Tests do is actually take components of our own waste materials that are there when our bodies are stressed and strained and they remove waste. And they repair damaged DNA.”

2:50 PCR Test is a tool to make copies of a genetic sequence.

4:30 Our chromosome 8 is being called the coronavirus.

5:30 Gardasil Syndrome

She leaves links below to what you see on her screen. It looks like if your parents or your grandparents had the Salk Polio Vaccine and then you get the Gardasil Vaccine the immune system develops antibodies that may attack human cells containing the dormant RMPV.

Here is #1 of what is on the screen:
“The DNA of the HPV16-L1 VLP is virtually identical (95-98% DNA Match) to the Rhesus Monkey Papilloma Virus RMPV L1 Protein of the virus contained in the injectable Salk Polio Vaccine (IPV) of the mid 1950s to the early 1960s. Injecting the Gardasil/Gardasil9 HPV vaccine into the Germline (offspring of a parent or grandparent who received the Salk Polio vaccine) and carries the RMPV may cause the immune system of the recipient to develop antibodies that may attack human cells containing the dormant (latent) RMPV. This may incorrectly be diagnosed as an “Autoimmune Disease.” In reality, the Gardasil HPV vaccine may directly CAUSE the immune system to attack its human host.”

Yeah, vaccines aren’t vegan.

Remember I mentioned Celery Juice by Anthony William? He said an autoimmune disease is not your body attacking itself, but your body going after pathogens. I think Amanda and Anthony would agree.

11:50 Your body is detoxing.

14:00 “Viruses do not cause disease. Viruses are your own DNA. They come from your body. It’s a chromosome. And you make these things in accordance with inflammation and damaged tissue. Bacterial infections are no more than areas of diseased tissue that need to be removed by the body. You don’t use antibiotics to kill them. You assist the body to detox the tissue and repair the tissue.”

16:05 The Plan and Geoengineering and 5G with the vaccine.

Amanda at Yum Naturals suggestions are great on ridding the body of heavy metals. But you know I love celery juice. It’s less messy than those clay baths and works better for me.

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