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Goodpop Organic Freezer Pop. Concord Grape! Pic by M.C.

California is clear skies after some containment of the fires. Now we have what feels like monsoonal weather with hot and humid air. We’ll talk weather later in a video and mention of the state of the pigs.

On Fridays, I usually share a recipe. Occasionally on Wednesdays, I share a video or a vegan store bought product. It’s a hot Wednesday today. Goodpop makes a nice treat to stay cool.

Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops are made with 100% fruit juice, malic acid, and organic guar gum. Guar gum isn’t great for the gut, but these were on sale and it’s nice to have something in the freezer for backup for the family. Plus there isn’t any added sugar and they are gluten free.

I’d like to share The Dollar Vigilante video, “A Virus So Deadly, The Government Has To Test You To See If You Have It” because of the update on what has been going on with the pigs around the world. Minute 10:10 has some language so you can skip that if you’d like. I put my comments in parenthesis.

The Dollar Vigilante

0:01 Media Bear Video

3:35 Awe the main video begins with Lucy and Jeff. In the introduction, Jeff talks about flu and protests.

9.05 Australia facing rice shortage.

10:10 Victoria, Australia police officer stomps on man’s head.

11:10 “COV-AIDS” is about climate change said Dr. Ghebreyesus from the N.W.O. (Boy that’s a big snake behind him.)

14:00 The Fed pushing for more stimulus

15:00-20:00 (Please listen to this part. From a vegan perspective this part gets interesting about pigs plus the fires and climate change.)

15:00 Temporary banned agriculture
“Swine flu virus that was a total lie . . . Mad cow disease that was also done by Neil Ferguson. They killed almost all the cows in the UK and there was actually nothing . . . It was a made up event,” Jeff said.

15:45 Ice Age Farmer and Headlines he shares:
“German farmers face possible pig culls as African swine fever discovered”
“Vietnam to mobilize military in fight against African swine fever”
“South Korea orders military to target wild boar to stop spread of ASF” (This teaches humans to be violent and not honor life.)
“Korean river runs red from blood of pigs culled amid African swine fever outbreak”
“Chinese pork prices risk 70% surge as African swine fever rages”
“China’s hog herd may drop by 55% due to fatal swine fever, says Rabobank”
“A quarter of all pigs have died this year to African swine fever,” New Scientist. (The articles are from 2019.)

18:25 Australia on fire. “There were Climate change activists who were doing a lot of the fires. And that appears to be what’s going on in Commifornia and Oregon. . .”

21:05 More Jeff and Lucy and Acapulco.
“We need government,” Jeff said sarcastically and a goat laughs in the background.
Vegan Tacos for Lucy!

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