Fast Burger

Fast and Fresh Tofu Burger. Pic by M.C.

My Fast Burger is the fastest tofu burger in the West. Making tofu burgers takes a bit long. It almost seems silly to mash tofu when I can slice it, fry it, and put it in a bun. I should probably call it the lazy burger. I tried to make this as recipe free as possible so you can throw a meal together.

Fast Burger Recipe
1-pkg. firm tofu
coco aminos, Big Tree
garlic powder
onion powder

hamburger buns—gluten free/vegan, Ener-G or Schär

Yield: About 4 burgers

Take block of tofu from package and slice it on the short side. I only used one slice for my burger, but two might be good for a hungry person. Use a non-stick pan. Lay slices flat then pour drops of coco aminos to cover one side of tofu. Sprinkle garlic then onion powders on tofu. Let fry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Flip the tofu and repeat. Assemble burger and add a salad for a meal.

Happy Vegan!

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