2020 Wrap-Up

Cheers! 1 oz. of Wheatgrass. Juice 3 Square Inches of Wheatgrass. Pic by M.C.

I find it a little odd that my last post in 2019 was about the Hello Kitty Café in Irvine, California and then Cova happened. That’s what my neighbor calls it. I recall sometime in 2019 that Hello Kitty visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. I thought, When did Hello Kitty become political?

I jumped from the magical world of a little girl dressed as a kitty in a bunny suit to what’s this pandemic all about? I used to review theatre and art shows on my blog. And I had been thinking, I really want to do a veganesque blog. With this health crisis I thought, I need to share my knowledge. And then seeing all these animals slaughtered in the millions and it’s still going strong, I thought I need to introduce people to the vegan world no matter what stage they are at. Because if we keep killing people and animals humanity cannot move forward spiritually.

Here is a list of my 2020 posts with a line or two about the topic of the article.

1. Post #89-A New Era-My most important post. The coronavirus and what that has to do with finances and the supernatural. I speculate they don’t have the digital infrastructure ready yet.

2. Post #90-Mean Salad-Salad and Vinaigrette Recipe.

3. Post #91-Multicultural Personality Curry-Tofu is cooked in Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill prior to adding it into curry pot. Kabocha squash is really awesome in curry.

4. Post #92-Save The Chickens-A contract farmer who doesn’t own the chickens has his chickens euthanized with little warning from Daybreak Foods. The eggs sometimes end up at a Cargill Inc. plant. (Years ago, I recall Cargill allowed the Oprah show to see a cow slaughtered.) What bothered me the most was the flippant response from the farmer’s wife. “Don’t sugarcoat it. It is what it is,” she said. “It’s painless for the birds. I don’t have a thing against that, but it’s just that someone can come in so quickly and when they euthanized the birds, that was our paycheck euthanized.”

5. Post #93-Chaga Ice Cream-The most delicious Medical Medium recipe. Chaga mushrooms contain B-complex, vitamin D, zinc, and iron plus helps reduce inflammation, cleanses the liver, and regulates the immune system. Food for Thought: Letter from President Donald J. Trump on Emergency Determination Under the Stafford Act. Did Pres. Trump hand authority over to FEMA? Read the letter.

6. Post #94-Vitamin C-FBI raids Dr. Charles Mok’s office for administering vitamin C infusions to treat COVID-19 patients. Dr. Ron Paul’s take on the virus. Polio and vitamin C. My favorite chewable vitamin C.

7. Post #95-Soft Serve Swirl-The frozen yogurt is another one of my favorite Medical Medium recipes. Food for Thought: Protests happening in California concerning the coronavirus and more news from farmers.

8. Post #96-Ninja Cooking-Cooking tofu in a Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill. They have a newer and better Ninja Foodi now. Food for Thought: A must watch documentary titled Insight: Slaughtered on Suspicion explains how farmers and their animals are hijacked by the government. The story covers the Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK in 2001.

9. Post #97-More Tofu Stir-fry-The recipe is my weekly go-to stir-fry. Food for thought: Valuetainment interview American Cattle Rancher Shad Sullivan who worries about the culling of the cows. If you think the elites aren’t culling humans, you would be wrong—nursing homes and Event 201.

10. Post #98-Tofu Scramble-A hardy breakfast recipe even for dinner. Food for Thought: An angry vegan makes all vegans look bad.

11. Post #99-Chaga Chaga-Chaga is considered a sacred antioxidant and anti-ager by preventing or delaying cell damage. Back in May 2020, looks like I believed the pandemic was more real than it is.

12. Post #100-Coconut Milk Shake-The shake uses Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein which contains chaga and ashwagandha.

13. Post #101-Juicing 101-I hope if anything you learned juicing is important for good health. I no longer take a multivitamin. Your nutrients should come from your food not a pill.

14. Post #102-Jolly Rancher Wheatgrass Juice-Everyone’s favorite juice.

15. Post #103-CAL Gal Juice

16. Post #104-Comparing Affordable Juicers-A reminder to chop celery into small pieces.

17. Post #105-Green Juice-Yummy kale and spinach juice. Food for Thought: Independence Day—I’ll keep writing.

18. Post #106-Celery Juice-How I started celery juicing. A must read concerning what Anthony William says about viruses and autoimmune diseases. Interestingly, he says autoimmune conditions are not your body attacking itself. He says antibodies are attacking a virus.

19. Post #107-Watermelon Juice Video-John from Discount Juicers.

20. Post #108-Watermelon Juice-John’s recipe from Discount Juicers.

21. Post #109-Teaching Kids Juicing Video-John from Discount Juicers.

22. Post #110-When Women Talk-Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

23. Post #111-Celery Juice Day 15-Celery juice is an easy detox. In Anthony William’s Celery Juice book he mentions celery juice can rid your body of pathogens such as pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals.

24. Post #110-Celery Juice Video Review-John from Discount Juicers talks about the Medical Medium Omega juicer. I took John’s advice and chopped my celery into less than half-inch pieces.

25. Post #113-Celery Juice Day 22-Getting into the routine of Medical Medium’s celery juice protocol.

26. Post #114-Celery Juice Day 29-More about the protocol and my positive experience with celery juice.

27. Post #115-Celery Juice Book Review-Read the book! Celery Juice by Anthony William.

28. Post #116-Shark Week 2020-Sea Shepherd’s influence on my books.

29. Post #117-How to Meet Singles During Pandemic-There’s a plethora of singles on the web during the lockdown.

30. Post #118-Pineapple Juice-Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is an anti-inflammatory and helps aid digestion by breaking down proteins.

31. Post #119-Vegan S’mores Cookies-My interpretation of Jamie Lin’s Vegan S’mores Cookies.

32. Post #120-Apple Lemon Ginger Juice-Check out the vitamins and minerals in this juice. Food for Thought: A cargo ship carrying 43 crew and 5,800 cows that went missing in a typhoon off Japan. Geoengineering, 5G, and pedophiles in the U.S Gov’t.

33. Post #121-Bombshell Evidence on COVID-The Nazi’s took down the video. Good thing I took notes. COVID RT-PCR Tests for Chromosome 8 Human DNA Primary Assembly. And what you need to know about the Salk Polio Vaccine and the Gardasil Vaccine. Important information about autoimmune diseases. Important information about viruses. The Plan and Geoengineering and 5G with the vaccine.

34. Post #122-Strawberry Starburst Smoothie

35. Post #123-Nineteen Years-9/11 and the Pandemic are looking similar.

36. Post #124-Staying Cool-Goodpop freezer treats during the California fires.

37. Post #125-GF Vegan Choc Chip Cookie

38. Post #126-Vegan Wine and Vegan News-Interview with Carol Adams, author of The Pornography of Meat.

39. Post #127-Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie-Another great recipe from the Medical Medium.

40. Post #128-Stonewall’s Jerquee-Plus “Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State Chaos Op” by Dark Journalist. Definitely great insights from Daniel and Catherine. I typed out the important parts. Watch it before they take down the video.

41. Post #129-Avocado Dressing and Wholly Pizza Dough

42. Post #130-Fast Burger-Using tofu in it’s block form to make a burger.

43. Post #131-GF Vegan Bagels-In the end, I’d rather buy Little Northern Bakehouse bagels.

44. Post #132-Vegan Cookie Dough-One of my favorite recipes inspired by Vegangela.

45. Post #133-Vegan Candy-Sometimes the sugar in big name candy isn’t vegan. Eating vegan candy is an easy way for you to support the animals and a small business.

46. Post #134-Vegan “Cheese” Sandwich-I love sandwiches.

47. Post #135-Vegan “Cheese” Lasagna-Cheesy Lasagna. Plus, Food for Thought: Book suggestions in your quest for the truth.

48. Post #136-Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes-My mom’s recipe. Food for Thought: There is a lot to be thankful for.

49. Post #137-GF Vegan Chocolate Cake-Yummy! Food for Thought: Do something kind for someone.

50. Post #138-2020 Wrap-Up-Wow 50 Posts in 2020!

2020 was a challenge, but also exciting. It was like in the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House where a sorority brother being paddle says, “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

I did have two elderly deaths in the family. One person was mentally handicapped with many complications all their life. The person was taken care of by the state. The house they lived in closed down and put said person in another house. I figured the move would kill my loved one. I was right. On the death certificate read a few items then Respiratory Failure COVID-19 Infection on the bottom. The person was tested. My question is how did my loved one test, positive or negative? Are the tests rigged? Read John Rappoport’s blog on his “No More Fake News” website. I question the PCR Tests since they are not meant to test for COVAIDS. Through the year, I changed my beliefs on the virus. I believed it at first, but through research and then September Eleventh the virus was starting to look like a plan like the attack on the World Trade buildings.

I hope you see the coronavirus is a scheme. In the end, Post #89—A New Era—still holds true. The pandemic is looking more like a financial cover-up and spiritual warfare, but other layers began to show. The book Covid-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab was published. Elon Musk was sending up satellites. There were more UFO sightings reported in mainstream media trying to make it look like a disclosure. They blamed Trump that he was holding back the disclosure when in fact he was going to open the UFO and JFK Files. Ultimately, it’s the New World Order trying to enslave us and cut us off from God.

The exciting part is people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are being exposed for who they are. And the Windsor’s have been showing their “charity” on YouTube. Someone on Twitter said that in Wales if you don’t have someone to inherit your wealth it goes to Prince Charles. Klaus Schwab said you will own nothing and instead rent. Schwab from the World Economic Forum plans to make Prince Charles’ idea global. Many of us have been waiting for the truth to come out. But if people don’t talk then we can’t get the truth out and then humanity doesn’t move forward. We can have a better world. If we continue to let the elites to lord over us then they will continue on their path of crazy. The pandemic is like 9-11 for every country. It’s like Oprah saying, “A 9-11 for you! A 9-11 for you! A 9-11 for you!” They have more planned. Next you will see asteroids then a fake alien invasion told to Carol Rosin by Wernher von Braun before he died. But we can talk about the elites and foil their plans.

For next year, I think I will post twice a month. And I’m thinking maybe even once a month since blogging isn’t what authors are supposed to be doing. This will give me a chance to share vegan recipes and Food for Thought and still get my book writing done. Either way, I’ll post on a Friday.

Also thank you for following my blog. I hope it has helped your health. If I helped you please consider signing up for my newsletter. Mostly I let you know when I have a cover reveal and when I publish a new book.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And Happy Vegan!

Copyright 2020 Melissa Crismon

GF Vegan Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Vegan Cake with Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix. Pic by M.C.

I can’t believe it’s December. Since it’s Jesus’ birthday soon I thought chocolate cake would be appropriate. Dare I say this gluten free, vegan chocolate cake is . . . spongy and medium dense. There. I didn’t use that word 10 to 20 percent of the people are adverse to. And get the Sweet Creek Strawberry Fruit Spread—berries in the northwest of the U.S. are berrylicious!

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe
Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix:
Ener-G egg replacer (see instructions below)
1 bag Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix
1/2 c. safflower oil
1/2 c. water

2-Egg Replacer Recipe:
3 tsp. Ener-G
4 Tbsp. warm water
Warm water in kettle for one minute.

Cake assembly:
Sweet Creek Strawberry Fruit Spread-I don’t remember how much—It’s 2020 people!
10 oz. Chocolate frosting-Pamela’s or Miss Jones—whatever is at the store because everyone is baking.

Yield: 8 to 10 servings

Preheat oven to 350°. Use an electric beater to whisk together egg replacer, oil, and water. Then mix in dry ingredients. Don’t over mix. Pour batter into lightly greased two 8” round pans. Bake for 22 to 28 minutes. Remove cake when toothpick comes out almost clean. Let cool.

Use a big cake plate and flip one layer top down—Don’t do what I did and forget to flip the bottom layer. Flop happens! Spread favorite jelly or jam then set other layer top facing up. Spread frosting with a spatula. Hopefully you remembered to take the frosting out of the refrigerator.

Food for Thought:
Do something kind for someone—maybe a stranger. It will fill your well and make them feel they are worthy.

I won’t be posting next week since Christmas is approaching. I will post the following week to do a 2020 wrap up to reflect on what I’ve learned through what I have written particularly since April. Talk soon.

Merry Christmas! And of course, Happy Vegan!

Recipe from blog of melissacrismon.com

Copyright 2020 Melissa Crismon