Fasting Day 2

Mermaid Swimming in Lemon Water. Pic by M.C.

Day 2 of fasting is so much easier than Day 1. At least that’s what I’m telling myself here at mid-morning. Day 3 last time was the worst of the days.

When you’re fasting your smeller is enhanced. So last time I had to take my car in for a smog check and someone was smoking. Sitting there not having eaten anything for two days and smelling the nicotine is the worst. The weird thing is I enjoy smelling what people are eating. Renaissance Man had some vegan wine last night that he doesn’t particularly like because there is always grit at the bottom of the glass. I just told him the vegans have to stomp on the grapes the best they can. Then he ate these tiny, crunchy vegan churros. Those are so good. And he had pretzels that smelled like peanut butter.

I am fantasizing about how I’m going to break my fast. I have a basket of Gravenstein apples. I might slice one up on Saturday for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have some tea with it. It’s funny how the simple foods sound good.

I’m definitely moving slower here. I’m not doing all my usual exercise just some of it. I did manage to meditate, pray, and read my Bible. It’s hard to meditate right now. I am not a pro or an expert. I forgot to meditate about why I’m fasting which is for truth, peace, love, understanding, and no more covaids nonsense, but I am sending my thoughts there today.

One thing about fasting is you’re detoxing so there is some sweating involved and you might smell like a hippy. I mean I didn’t. I smell like roses all the time. But out of all the things I’ve done for my health like vitamins, celery juice, juicing, acupuncture, green powders, running, yoga and the list goes on fasting is the fastest, cheapest, and not easiest but manageable way to heal your body.

In a 2019 fasting study by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University and Kyoto University scientists used human volunteers (Yay!) and found when the body is starved of carbohydrates, “energy substitutions” increase the metabolites like butyrates, carnitines, and branched-chain amino acids increase.

Buyrates are a short-chain fatty acid that supports gut health. Carnitines transport long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria to be oxidized into energy. When I think of mitochondria, I think of anti-aging. Mitochondria can repair oxidative DNA damage. Branched-chain amino acids are regulators of energy homeostasis, nutrition metabolism, gut health, immunity. BCAAs serve as signaling molecules regulating metabolism of glucose, lipid, and protein synthesis, intestinal health, and immunity.

I love fasting because it’s a quick cure-all to allow the body to heal itself.

Happy Vegan!

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