After Fasting

Gravenstein Apple with chaga tea. Pic by M.C.

After fasting for three days, on the fourth morning, I started out with lemon water and then I broke my fast with a Gravenstein apple and Four Sigmatic Elixir Mix with chaga. I ate maybe half the apple and couldn’t finish the tea either. I did have some oatmeal an hour and a half later and it was pretty good, but I’m not food obsessed right now. I even did some food shopping and skipped the Hu chocolate. Renaissance Man said, “Who are you?”

I think the most important aspect that helps with fasting is sheer will power. You have to wrap your mind around it and then commit. While fasting, thinking about the benefits helps. Meditating helps with lowering the heart rate and keeping calm. Easy yoga poses help get the mind at ease and get the circulation going.

One of the benefits to fasting is the weight loss. I lost four pounds the first day, two pounds the second day, and then one more the third day. That’s what some of you really wanted to know, didn’t you?

One thing I thought was interesting in my research is that the body uses different forms of energy. There are multiple energy sources within.

This fast turned out to be better than the last. The third day I warmed up some water and added cayenne pepper and lemon. Having the cayenne really helps with the sluggishness and just overall well-being. And it boosted my circulation. So I will use this recipe even when not fasting.

Lemon Cayenne Water
2 cups warm water
1 lemon, juiced
1/4 cayenne pepper, dried

Most of the time, I fill up a mug with room temperature filtered water and squeeze in one organic lemon.

I hope you try fasting for at least one day a year. I can’t say you’ll love fasting, but the feeling after is awesome. It’s like you paid for an expensive cleanse, but you didn’t. I would suggest fasting in the warmer months when I think it’s easier. I do have to say my energy level seems a little low today.

I’d like to think my fasting protest helped as the FDA said no to Biden about the booster shot for those under 65 or they recommend the jab for those 65 and older or with an underlying conditions. That’s what Renaissance Man said. I don’t want to look at the news. At least that’s a step in the right direction.

Here is my journey if you’d like to read about the why and how I fasted, the benefits, and tips—

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Thanks to those who stopped by and supported me.

Happy Vegan!

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