Berkey Water System

Travel Berkey in Stainless Steel. Pic by M.C.

The Travel Berkey is what I have. It’s the third item in my healthy toolkit.

The Travel Berkey is the only one that will ship to California. As you can see it’s pretty and a nice compact size. It was easy to assemble. When we run out of water we pour 30 cups of tap water into the Berkey Water System. I bought it from Ready Made Resources. They are a prepper site.

Ready Made Resources claims, “The unique micro-porous filtration ability of the Black Berkey purification filters allow users to take water from most outside sources like streams, lakes, ponds and rivers and convert this questionable water to purified drinking water.”

I recently heard the cleanest water is rainwater. That surprised me. I did a little research. Obviously, you don’t want to collect the water running off your roof. And don’t drink rainwater near radioactive sites or an active volcano. But if I’m taking my Berkey with me then I’m probably not driving toward these areas. And if I’m staying home or not I store some bottled water.

The water from the Berkey tastes great. I no longer lug heavy bottles of water home weekly or pay for bottled water delivery. I bought the Travel Berkey back in 2019 and the original filters are still going strong. We fill our Berkey every three days. Right now the Travel Berkey costs $345 and is available on back order. The link is showing that a free Sport Berkey water bottle comes with the purchase of the Travel Berkey. I don’t think they had the sport bottle when I bought my water system. But I think I paid about the same for the Travel Berkey. If you want the Sport Berkey only, it is on sale for $46. You can fill it with tap water 640 times and refill with raw and untreated water 160 times.

Here are some other basic items in my healthy tool kit:

Wheat and Barley Grass

Colloidal Silver

Happy Vegan!

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