Beet Orange Apple Juice

Beet Orange Apple Juice with Mint or Ginger. Pic by M.C.
Beet Orange Apple Juice with Mint or Ginger. Pic by M.C.

Recently I found apple mint at a health food store. It smelled wonderful and juiced well. Most of the time I find spearmint in the produce section which smells overbearing. Mint grows easily and pops up in my garden every year. Now I’m on the hunt for apple mint for my garden. For the Beet Orange Apple Juice add a small amount of mint or ginger depending on your mood.

1 golden beet
1 cara cara orange
1 apple-Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, or Gala
1 mint sprig or 1-inch ginger

Yield: 16-ounces

I use a MMV700 Omega juicer. Wash and cut produce into 1-inch pieces. Do cut the skin off the orange. Slowly feed the juicer to get the most juice. Add ginger or mint.

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Happy Vegan!

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