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I went to my local movie theatre to support the Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino. It’s about child-trafficking.

I enjoyed the movie and I appreciated the quietness of it. So many movies are bang ‘em up shoot ‘em up. I am constantly looking for an old-fashioned movie where there is a plot and the dialogue moves the story. Well, I did say I enjoyed the movie, but the writing was lacking. It seemed like most of the time no one was talking, the audience watched Caviezel’s character Tim Ballard as he thought, typed, road in a truck. Caviezel could have played Tim Ballard a bit more animated. Little dialogue is okay, but when a character says something, it should say something about their character and even sometimes the character they are talking to and it better be important. Dialogue can and should drive the story.

Sound of Freedom is a true story about Tim Ballard who is a former Department of Homeland Security special agent. There is some drama around him online and I understand why as the name of his organization is off-putting and there is more, but that is not what this post is about. You might remember Ballard when he spoke at the White House about the children he helped save and how President Trump saying building a wall will help save children and stop traffickers. Maybe this is why actress Mira Sorvino is telling people the movie isn’t political. I agree. I didn’t hear anything political or any propaganda in the movie. It’s about the children.

The movie is made for all ages. I see no problem taking children to this movie. It wasn’t loud and didn’t have any flashing lights. I say that because my friend with an autistic daughter said the noisy movies bother her daughter. We used to live near a movie theatre that would play movies with a lower volume for moms who had an autistic child. I don’t know if theatres do that anymore. There is only one fight scene. There isn’t any sex shown. Even the religious moments are very few. I don’t think the movie would offend anyone.

As we walked out, a lady said to her two children, “The movie really was about a little boy and his sister.”

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