About Melissa Crismon

Melissa tall ship media pic
Writer Melissa Crismon in Dana Point, CA. Photo by Mary Hurlbut.

The creative bug infected me in the womb from rock music, the banging of a tambourine, and my mom’s voice when she was in a Southern California band. Growing up I spent hours in my mom’s turpentine, infused art studio creating abstract acrylic paintings. In the dance studio, Miss Ronnie Greenblatt, a former student of Martha Graham, molded me into a dancer with the example of her long torso, “jewel on her chest,” extended arms, and her fingers gently lengthening my pointed toes. After seeing a harpist on TV I asked my mom for lessons. I began pedal harp lessons with Lisa Coffey, a chain-smoking, witty, nerd beyond-her-years with a sweet cat wussified by a lulling harp. I continued playing the harp in the high school orchestra, and added the Paraguayan harp to my repertoire while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Performing Arts with an emphasis in music. As a harpist, I performed locally for unconventional events. In 2008, I took a freelance writing job with Today’s Local News in North County San Diego, covering local theatre and also reviewing Shakespeare theatre for an online site. In 2016, I published my debut novel titled Superfreak.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Through my blog I hope to inspire you by spotlighting SoCal theatre, music, books, authors, visual art, museums, and the ocean.

Feel free to contact me at melissacrismon@live.com.



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