2021 Wrap-up

The Stones of Atlantis by Dr. David Zink. Pic by M.C. On a rainy day and an earthquake.

My blog used to be reviewing about live theatre like Shakespeare, art, and places I went in California to support other artists including writers. I do consider writing to be an art. Then 2020 happened and I thought I’d share vegan recipes and talk about alternative medicine. Here is the post A New Era that changed my blog.

I got side tracked by the virus like we all did. I just can’t give it anymore time. To me it feels like chasing lies. And the more I research the esoteric, aliens, Atlantis, reincarnation, read Rudolf Steiner, philosophy, and Christianity the more I see we are repeating a pattern from ten thousand years ago from the man before us. I just finished reading The Stones of Atlantis by Dr. David Zink. I do believe Plato’s writings about Atlantis, which is shared at the end of the book. Zink mentions many researchers before him on the topic. Zink wrote the book in the 1970s when he was an English professor at a college. He has a background in the Air Force as a communications and electronics officer. During his, I think, six expeditions he organized scientists, scuba divers, oceanographers, and psychics for his trips to Bimini. On one expedition, he collaborates with the U.S. Navy. One of the most interesting sections is the information about the Pleions. I usually hear them called Pleiadians. Pleiadians come here to help us. And I have heard this before. I have also heard Pleiadians are our ancestors. The book makes clear that Bimini is a site from Atlantis. Psychic Carol Huffstickler told Dr. Zink, “I keep getting the word Pleiades. . . It keeps coming through with the information on the Bimini Road site.” She explains the Pleions visited Earth around 28,000 B.C. from the Pleiades star cluster on a galactic missionary service. Because the humans were advance consciously on Bimini, the Pleions chose there as a sacred site that could use the earth’s geomagnetic fields aligned with the sun and certain stars to raise human consciousness and to heal.

A few posts ago I started talking about aliens. I mentioned The Nine or The Council of Nine that started with a doctor Andrija Puharich bringing in mystic, Dr. D. G. Vinod, to channel. What they got was possibly nine ancient Egyptian gods.

For 2022, I think we will see a bigger push toward the Alien Hoax. This is nothing new. I’m not saying anything that others haven’t discovered. I mentioned before President Eisenhower and his visit from aliens. The greys offered technology and at the same time the Pleiadians offered spiritual growth. Eisenhower chose wrong and here we are today.

I was sitting in a mufon meeting next to a mystic. I don’t recall who the speaker was, but the topic was cow mutilation. The mystic leaned over and whispered something like, “That’s how the greys survive.” I filed that information away. Then I recently watched mystic Gigi Young on YouTube and she said the greys are regressed humans. That’s when it clicked. Now Gigi Young and Linda Moulton Howe and others say there is more than one kind of grey. So I don’t know exactly which grey I am referring to. But it is my understanding that these greys were humans or are humans from Earth. They look like shriveled prunes because they used technology incorrectly. Now that is oversimplifying things. My mind goes back to the Atlantean days when the people began to use the knowledge and technology for selfish gain. Gigi Young does a great job of explaining Atlantis and its connection to now. If you’re interested in Atlantis go watch her YouTube channel.

So going back to the seventies I now realize they, whoever they are, were mind controlling us through movies. During the Lockdown, Richard Dreyfuss celebrated Close Encounters of the Third Kind. So I watched the movie again and found it fascinating that at the end Dreyfuss as Roy and the little boy come out of the spaceship with a bunch of greys. I noticed that the greys were all duplicates and the same height as the kid. It seemed to me they were using the child’s DNA to make new grey bodies. And Roy was smiling to give us a message that “Hey, this is great. The aliens are our friends.”

Then I recently rewatched Cocoon another old movie I loved as a kid. And the weird thing is I only remembered all the people at the retirement home having fun in a pool that was like the fountain of youth and there were these rocks at the bottom. I wonder if Cocoon was inspired by Dr. David Zink’s book? As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t believe that I forgot there were greys in the movie using humans as suits. The movie seems to mix up the greys, Pleiadians, and the Atlantis story. Again the movie paints the greys in a holy light. I say nope. But I still love these movies.

Another movie I recently watched that I had never seen before, Fire in the Sky, is based on Travis Walton’s book The Walton Experience. Walton says Hollywood got it wrong, but the movie at least shows the dark side of the greys.

Funny how they played all three of these movies in the last year and a half on TV.

So if they are going to play the Alien Hoax card then I think they should have done it years ago when these movies came out along with ET. I’m sure with their technology they will convince us they are gods and they seeded us on this planet. Some believe that all aliens are fallen angels. I disagree. That is over simplifying the matter. I have heard that those visiting us are us in the future. I think the mystic at the mufon meeting told me that. And I’ve heard it before. So we aren’t really dealing with aliens. We are dealing with other humans. Some regressed and some who have consciously evolved.

The MUFON World Headquarters sends me a monthly newsletter usually with a list of global ufo sightings for the month and not much else. But for the past three or four months they have sent me a Reminder to open my email. It’s been how to detect meteors, a couple of UFO sightings in 1971, and December’s newsletter along with a thank you and update of their move in Cincinnati, Ohio, they say mufon is growing fast. Then I get a Press Release from mufon. It says—

“. . . a new UFO investigatory group was being organized within the Department of Defense to replace the short-lived Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was a positive development, according to the Mutual UFO Network, who said it ‘hoped the creation of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) might lead to some answers as to what the elusive UFOs and UAPs are.’”

The fact that mufon’s leadership is hopeful and gratified about the DoD starting a new UFO investigatory group is incredibly naïve to me. They know we have talked about the U.S. government’s involvement in mufon meetings. It’s no secret the government is involved. (And also not involved. There are plenty of people with their own personal experience.) Why should we trust an entity that controls the ufology narrative? I’m sure mufon is going to be part of this Alien Hoax and on the wrong side if they continue supporting basic information that gives way less fact than a mufon meeting.

Even reported Rep. Tim Burchett saying he doesn’t trust the Pentagon in a greatly titled story “Rep. Tim Burchett Pentagon Wants Control On UFOs . . . More ‘Kennedy’ Secrecy!!!” Now this will get the young people interested.

I ask myself why I believe in what others find unexplainable. Maybe it’s because I have seen unusual things in the sky. I was going to share my experiences this year, but I decided not to. A blog is public and I like keeping some stories to myself.

Anyway, I won’t be posting as many vegan recipes with my Food for Thought next year. I know I said this last year, but I need to hunker down and get this trilogy finished and published. So if spaceships descend and little grey men are upon us in 2022 you’ll know whose side their on—not ours. They loath humanity because they screwed up. I don’t want to say too much because I might use it for a book. I decided not to write a covid romcom because well the CV thing is not worth my time. Writing a book has to be about passion. So next year I will be writing and buried in books. I hope to get five Graham Hancock books read. And I want to read more Rudolf Steiner, Philip K. Dick, and the Dune series. Go see the movie. Dune was the best movie of 2021. The Matrix: Resurrections was good. It started out slow, but the women kick ass in the end. And it says a lot of truths.

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Thank you for reading my blog. You are really awesome people who drop by here. I enjoy your blogs about health and books with a few laughs and a few tears too.

Happy New Year! And Happy Vegan!

Copyright 2021 Melissa Crismon

Potato Yam Bake and Dune

Finally a vegan crab cake and cozy potatoes and yams. Pic by M.C.

It’s been busy here with a little kitchen remodel so I sliced some yams and colorful baby potatoes and baked them slow in our new oven.

Renaissance Man wanted a Forno which he endearingly calls the Porno. I’m trying to get used to having a professional oven. We went from electric to gas and it’s a little scary. So we have an oven and a rolling island to help with cooking while we wait for cabinets and countertops. It’s a bad time to remodel with the dollar collapsing dealio and supply chain halt, but whatever. The financial gurus have been talking about it for more than ten years. And it’s the holidays. The upside is I don’t have to lug out all the decorations.

Potato Yam Bake
3 yams
1.5 Lb. bag of baby potatoes
1 sweet onion
3 cloves of garlic, minced
3 Tbsp. olive oil
3 pinches of Maldon smoked salt
cracked rainbow peppercorn to taste
smoked paprika to taste
3 Tbsp. miyoko’s butter
Dried parsley for color

Yield: 6 servings

Warm oven at 375°.

Wash veggies and slice and then mince garlic.

In a 9 X 12-glass dish, lay out the yams, potatoes, onion, and a garlic clove. Sprinkle a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a pinch of smoked salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

Make two more layers.

Top with Miyoko’s butter and dried parsley.

Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour.

I cooked it slow so I could go back to writing. Also, slow cooking retains more nutrients and flavor. You can take off the foil at the end of the hour and crisp it up.

I added a salad and cranberry sauce. Good Catch crab cakes are the best. I added some vegan mayo, but adding the cranberry sauce was awesome.

Potato Yam Bake. Pic by M.C.
Forno or the Porno. Pic by M.C.

Food for Thought:
I went to go see the movie Dune as soon as it came out. I have read the first three books Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. I was captivated by Dune from the start from his descriptions and philosophical narrative. Oh and his massive research. Book 2 is romantic and I think I will read it again someday. Book 3 had me questioning my own beliefs.

I think the movie was just as captivating. It doesn’t get through to the whole of book 1. Another movie will have to be made for book 1. For those who are complaining about there not being enough Zendaya, who plays Chani—you haven’t read the book. FYI Chani dies. I love Chani and I wish she didn’t die so soon.

I always recommend Dune for reading. My writer buddy went and got the audiobook from the library. She couldn’t listen to the book all the way through. She wrinkled her nose, at the box of pain that Paul puts his hand in, when telling me about it. Don’t do the audiobook. Dune should be read old school with the pages between your hands. Let me explain. When I read that part, it didn’t bother me. I just took it as Paul’s training. So then, I read Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner and said “Ah!” That’s where Frank Herbert got the box of pain idea. Steiner explains that the Lemurian’s trained the boys by putting them through tasks that I think involved pain or fighting and the girls were made to watch. This exercise was to toughen up the children during that era. So this is partly why I love Herbert and Steiner. I love the spiritual research that Herbert brings.

Since I mentioned The Nine in my last two posts, I heard Dark Journalist say that The Nine might be Egyptian gods hanging out in a spaceship. Isn’t that interesting. Something to research and maybe write about. He said this at the end of his X-Series #113 video. I would suggest watching any Dark Journalist video. One of the best videos I watched this year was The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade. They moved 22 royal Egyptian mummies to a new museum. Are the spaceship gods going to enter the mummies and resurrect themselves? Inquiring minds want to know. Watch it on YouTube. “The Hymn of Isis” sung by Egyptian Soprano Amira Selim is moving and powerful. I listen often.

I also just finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick because the book was mentioned on Dark Journalist. It was a very satisfying book. It’s seems prophetic or like the author had information from someone who knew the elites’ plan. Androids escape Mars and Rick Deckard is an android bounty hunter on Earth. Most humans are on Mars. Mostly “specials” are left behind. The story is set in San Francisco in 2021 after a world war. There’s a character, Mercer, who’s a rock climber on TV. People can hold an empathy box and feel rocks hitting them as they hit Mercer. Rick asks if Mercer is real. Then there’s a question of reality. I must read this book again.

I hope one of these books is on your Christmas list. And go see the movie Dune.

Merry Christmas and Happy Vegan!

Recipe from blog of melissacrismon.com

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