Celery Juice Day 15

Renaissance Man had glasses painted to celebrate my first published book “Superfreak.” Painted by @ikamcreate on Instagram.

Drinking celery juice for your health is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do for yourself.

I’m on day fifteen and the celery juice has been very gentle. I would say I am having more dreams. Once I had a nightmare, but twice I woke up laughing. It’s probably part of the detoxifying. I did have a headache on the second day. Medical Medium, Anthony William, says any reaction is going to be in the beginning days of your 30-day celery juice journey.

I have the whole household drinking it. One other person said they had a nightmare. Is that celery juice cleaning out toxins? The other person just had a bad dream last night. We don’t normally have bad dreams so I think it’s the celery juice.

I think my eyesight is getting better. I’m not using my reading glasses at night.

I get comments like “Celery juice makes me gag.” Or “It would taste better with lemon.” I’ve been reading Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine Of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide by Anthony William and he does suggest to drink lemon water or lime water first thing in the morning. I have been inconsistently drinking lemon water then waiting the suggested fifteen or more minutes before drinking celery juice. That works since I have to set up the juicer and prep the celery. If you drink lemon water first it’s a lot easier to taste celery so early in the morning. I agree drinking celery juice isn’t how I want to start my mornings, but the lemon water takes the edge off. Just make sure you keep at least fifteen minutes between the two drinks. Then I made an apple, lemon, ginger juice, and had that for my breakfast at least thirty minutes after the celery juice.

Reading the book, I have realized most of us probably have issues with our liver or a fatty liver. Also forget about the Coronavirus. Anthony William talks about viruses and bacteria like we all have something. Epstein-Barr Virus and Strep bacteria are the most mentioned in his book. And the great thing is he says the sodium cluster salts neutralize toxins in the bloodstream and organs. He also calls them mineral salts that “kill off bacterial, fungal, and viral overgrowth as they travel through the small intestine and colon, and even once they’re absorbed into the bloodstream and pulled up into the liver through the hepatic portal vein. They’re an incredible antiseptic in this way, enhancing your body’s immune system.” William mentions celery juice can rid your body of pathogens such as pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals.

Another interesting thing is celery juice is good for depression and anxiety. We all went through some upset with this lockdown. And Governor Newsom made the restaurants and bars close again. Some of law enforcement in California said no to Newsom. Even if you just went through a bad break up or if you have someone toxic in your life celery juice is supposed to help with the detoxifying. He says the true cause of mood struggles are toxins. It’s more layered than just toxins. Every person is different. Get the book for more details.

The Celery Juice book is really interesting. I will probably read all of Anthony William’s books. Reading the book is keeping me on a 30-day journey of morning celery juice.

I hope this encourages you to juice. See you with an update on day 22.

Happy Juicing!

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty at Cafe Cropped
You Can Never Have Too Many Friends. ~Hello Kitty


Anyone who follows my blog knows I love Hello Kitty. After the HK Convention in Los Angeles back in 2014, I heard a café was going to open in Orange County, California. It’s been open at the Irvine Spectrum for about a couple of years.

For years I have driven on the 5 and saw the lit up Ferris wheel. Turns out that is the same courtyard where the Hello Kitty Grand Café is. There are tons of beautifully decorated, upscale restaurants in the outdoor shopping mall. Many are very inviting with oversized plush seating. Brio, an Italian restaurant, has a glassed in patio with wicker furniture and right next to free parking. This mall seems too fancy for free parking. You can drive up to the valet. I feet like I am on a mini UCSD university campus. There is also a Dim Sum restaurant. It’s mostly seafood. I doubt there is anything vegan. There is a new Japanese restaurant called Robata Wasa that is glassed in and looks like a bank, but we head to Kabuki. Kabuki’s service is slow because a waiter didn’t show. The Green Roll with kale sauce is good.

Hello Kitty Cafe Irvine
Hello Kitty Cafe. Photo by M.C.

After the meal we head to The Hello Kitty Café since it only has dessert. I order iced tea. It is so hot outside at 85 degrees, which makes for crabby people. A guy maybe twenty-eight years old in striped red shorts and hairy legs with flashy sunglasses whisked in with some beautiful gal his age—probably his sister. He keeps whining about not wanting to sit down or something. She ignores him and orders. When she sit down to eat her tiny blueberry pie and tea, he is gone. Goodbye cranky Richard Simmons.

Hello Kitty Cafe Donuts
Hello Kitty Donuts Neon Lighting. Photo by M.C.

The store is tiny and cute like you would expect anything Hello Kitty. There is a big Hello Kitty kinda like a Bob’s Big Boy statue. Then there is a window where you can watch a guy make tiny donuts. They roll them in sprinkles, crushed cookies, or cinnamon and sugar. On the corner are some shelves with mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, and pillows. I refrained from buying anything. Behind the glass are all the baked goods. There are tons of butter cookies of the friendly kitty’s face, the donuts in a cute cup, tiny cakes, and pies. You can get a mini, sprinkles birthday cake with a red bow. Personally, I’d never eat any of the food. But the tea is good and it’s in a to go cup with Kitty’s face, which I’ll keep.

I’m not the only one taking photos. People pan their cell phones inside the pretty café and at the food.

I wish I had stopped at the Spectrum sooner. It’s right off Alton Parkway next to the 5 freeway. Also it’s super close to the Musical Theatre Village where I saw the Music Man this summer. You could go out to eat at the Spectrum then go see live theatre over the bridge to Mauchly road.

Hello Kitty Café • 670 Spectrum Center Dr. • Irvine • CA • 92618

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