The Little Little Mermaid

CSUF Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid at CSU, Fullerton. Photo by M.C.

The Little Mermaid has been getting a lot of play as of late. Last year I went to see a phenomenal high school production of the under the sea musical. The singers were amazing and set design and costume design too. So, I expected CSU, Fullerton’s production to be good. Their production of Little Women a few years back was great, but with CSUF the theatre can be hit or miss. Since CSUF’s The Little Mermaid was a miss, I’ll focus on the more entertaining parts.

First off it is opening night so things can go wrong in the beginning. Many of the singers sing off pitch, or are hard to hear, or one screams the high notes. Part of the problem may be the Little Theatre, which seems outdated and not as nice as the other theatres on the other side of the building. The singers may be having difficulty hearing themselves.

Timothy H. Lee (King Triton) has an enjoyable singing voice. Megan McCarthy (Ariel) and Evan Borboa (Prince Eric) have good chemistry. Borboa is a great hopeless romantic. During the song Les Poissons, Jacob Wayne (Chef), enjoys cutting off fish heads with a throaty French “Huh, huh, huh.” In his enthusiasm, his mustache flops half off. He turns his head to the side sans mustache and sings in a higher pitch then exposes the mustache side and sings in a deeper voice. It’s these moments why I love seeing college age theatre. There is always someone willing to play the clown.

When seeing a show at CSU, Fullerton see the shows in the newer theatres where the sound and seating are better. I still enjoyed the production. The Little Mermaid is a strong, romantic story, but for $25 a ticket I’ve seen better entertainment for less.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid • March 23 – April 15, 2018 • Little Theatre • Cal State University, Fullerton • College of the Arts • 800 North State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831 (Parking is free on weekends starting on Friday at 5pm. Park in the Nutwood Parking Structure on Arts Drive. Also, show your high school or college I.D. to get in for $5.)

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Vegan Faire

Vegan Faire 1 July 2017Healthy Junk Vegan Faire in Anaheim, CA. Photo by M.C.

In July 2017, Anaheim hosted the glorious Fourth Annual Healthy Junk Vegan Faire. Fresh flower scents waft through the air from natural product vendors on the palm-tree lined street.

This is not the movement of the old, shirtless tan hippie who eats sunflower seeds and smells like he hasn’t bathed in a week. The new hippie is a millennial with washed hair, some tattoos, some conservatively dressed, and many beautiful women with trendy makeup.

The crowd is intent on eating. The line to the Mexican food must be an hour wait at least. The beer garden still has room to spare, but it is early. Fresh pineapple ginger juice is a refresher while waiting in line for Veganation’s faux fried chicken and fries. Honestly, I can’t finish the dish because I’m not used to fried food.

Next year, instead of eating, I’m headed toward the makeup and natural skin care products. The smells are like being in the Garden of Eden. Other vendors sell toothpaste, quality pleather purses, jewelry, cute clothes, and cool T-shirts, and some art. Of course, you will see the animal rights organizations for the whales and dolphins. Sea Shepherd’s Los Angeles Chapter represent.

From the stage, there are music and fun activities like hula hooping to get the crowd going. Children draw on walls of chalkboard and adults take selfies next to the rainbow of words on the black backdrop.

A couple of odd things are Tesla with its white leather seating. In the photo, you can see one of their cars on display. But apparently Tesla offers textile seating. It must have been pleather. Then we waited in line for Indian food. It is so crowded everyone has to ask what line they are in. As we get closer to the vendor we see chicken on the menu. Maybe it’s faux? So we switch to Veganation who clearly advertise their food as plant-based.

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the faire. Hopefully, we will all become aware of the torture and pain of animals and how we can have compassion through these events.

I think the Vegan Faire is going to get busier every year because it is so well organized, and there is something for everyone. Park at the free parking complex near City Hall to avoid the line of cars headed to the paid parking. Hope to see you next summer or find a vegan festival near you.

Vegan Faire, 201 W. Center St. Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805

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