God’s Bombshell Book Blast

God's Bombshell

Bombshells are designer originals.

Do people really ask, “You’re a pretty girl, why can’t you find a man?”

I know I’ve heard similar personal questions. Are you a single Christian woman who can relate to this question? Author Tracy Reed has just published her non-fiction book God’s Bombshell.

In Reed’s introduction she explains, “When you’re God’s Bombshell, not only are you physically attractive, you’re also spiritually attractive. She knows the only person’s opinion about her that matters, is her own. Her focus in life is to love God and fulfill the purpose to which He called her.”

What’s the book about?

If you’re looking for tips on how to find a nice Christian husband, don’t read this book.
If you’re single and want to kick your single life up to the next level, definitely read this book.

God’s Bombshell is a book for the Christian single who is ready to enjoy her single season. She’s not sitting around waiting on a man to take her away from her life. Instead, she’s out there living her purpose and enjoying her life. If this is who you want to be, then definitely read this book.

For all you single ladies who’d like to live the beautiful single life buy God’s Bombshell exclusively at Amazon for a quick read and take the fun Bombshell Questionaire inspired by Tracy Reed.