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Sawdust Winter Fantasy 2018
Sawdust Winter Fantasy 2018. Photo by M.C.

I missed Sawdust this past summer. So I had to go to Winter Fantasy Sawdust. The art and craft festival is pretty much just on weekends. And tomorrow is the last day. There is a chill in the air and this is the busiest I’ve seen Sawdust. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I love walking through the threshold of what looks like a hobbit village. Santa is in the house and trees are decorated by local schools near his sleigh. Live music is top deck. As we saunter through the pathways, a man plays acoustic guitar next to the wheel that turns out water in a pond.

Barbara Schuppe 1
Barbara Schuppe at Winter Fantasy Sawdust. Photo by M.C.

Around the corner, a diamond catches my eye. Not a real diamond. A cheeky silver ring with a diamond carved in it. Barbara Schuppe with her I’m A Treasure Jewelry has a rock n’ roll flare. Some rings have hearts with wings. Chunky linked necklaces are cool with hearts, “diamonds,” or trees carved on a charm. A mirror in the shape of a diamond with black wings hangs on a pink wall. The style is a cross between Betsey Johnson and Ed Hardy. Barbara explains it’s “Ugly Sweater Day” so she wore her pink Barbie sweater.

On Barbara’s business card it says, “This diamond tells you how uniquely beautiful you are, a sparkling treasure, enriching the world. Love what you love, celebrate who you are. Be Yourself!”

Her smile lights up her face as she says, “We’re all unique treasures.”

We chat about self-acceptance and in her Barbarism she adds, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” She passes on her wisdom and inspires people along the way. She’s like a muse or a fairy godmother.

Sawdust is own of my favorite places. At home, I slip off my shoes. A little piece of bark falls out. Ah. All the bark is a reminder of the artists carving out handmade treasures with different woods and metals.

May you find your treasure in Jesus this Christmas surrounded by family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Winter Fantasy Sawdust • 935 Laguna Canyon Road • Laguna Beach • CA • 92651

Open until December 16, 2018 from 10am to 7pm. Tickets are $8 for adults.

Winter Fantasy Sawdust

Post 75 Winter Fantasy Sawdust Merman
Sterling Silver Merman by KM Designs. Pic by M.C.

Winter Fantasy Sawdust Festival is like Sawdust in the summer except with a Santa. And it really feels like summer here. The fires have been everywhere up and down California with no real explanation. It is so dry. We wore shorts to Laguna Beach in December. That is unusual.

We ate at a new restaurant next to Sawdust called Another Kind. The food is Vietnamese and Thai. The menu isn’t clear. Small means appetizer and large means main entrée. The portions are small which I like. Our waitress turned into a waiter. They tried to serve us someone else’s food twice. They messed up the receipt. But they were super nice and the food was awesome. I ate some noodle veggie dish. I would go back again.

Laguna Beach’s main drag isn’t decorated for Christmas. But the courtyard in the Sawdust is beautiful with trees and Santa’s house. Photographer Mary Hurlbut’s booth is in Santa’s shop.

We stopped and chatted with a blonde girl in John Lennon glasses and a faux fur vest at Dr. Neon’s booth. I felt warm just looking at her. She looks like the singer Kerli. She started talking about Dr. Neon’s work. He has lots of knives, rings, and hanging dragons. I said, “Did you say Dr. Neon?” She said, “Yes.” She must have pointed up because then I saw his small neon sign that read, “Dr. Neon.” He used to work in neon, but Laguna Beach’s certain beautification council worried he’d make Laguna Beach like Las Vegas. The millennial, hippy laughed, and said something to the affect, “Like Laguna Beach could look like Las Vegas.”

Kirk Millette is one of my favorite jewelers. Look for his mermaid sign. He has mermaid sterling silver rings and necklaces, but we spied a merman. I had to have him and his flexing muscles.

We stopped to talked with the exuberant Makaila from Makaila Designs. She has some sterling silver ocean-themed rings. One was inspired by a tide pool with starfish. Casting investment is used to make the mold for the rings. She studied art at CSU, Long Beach and worked at a jewelry store. She thought hey why not take a couple of classes in jewelry. In my opinion, she is very talented. Also, she told us usually there is a petting zoo.

Winter Fantasy Sawdust is very busy because it’s a great place to do Christmas shopping or shop for yourself, and take a photo with Santa. December 16 and 17, 2017 is the last weekend to visit. Then walk to the beach for a California Christmas.

Have a Merry Beachy Christmas everyone!

Sawdust • 935 Laguna Canyon Road • Laguna Beach • CA • 92651

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