Potato Yam Bake and Dune

Finally a vegan crab cake and cozy potatoes and yams. Pic by M.C.

It’s been busy here with a little kitchen remodel so I sliced some yams and colorful baby potatoes and baked them slow in our new oven.

Renaissance Man wanted a Forno which he endearingly calls the Porno. I’m trying to get used to having a professional oven. We went from electric to gas and it’s a little scary. So we have an oven and a rolling island to help with cooking while we wait for cabinets and countertops. It’s a bad time to remodel with the dollar collapsing dealio and supply chain halt, but whatever. The financial gurus have been talking about it for more than ten years. And it’s the holidays. The upside is I don’t have to lug out all the decorations.

Potato Yam Bake
3 yams
1.5 Lb. bag of baby potatoes
1 sweet onion
3 cloves of garlic, minced
3 Tbsp. olive oil
3 pinches of Maldon smoked salt
cracked rainbow peppercorn to taste
smoked paprika to taste
3 Tbsp. miyoko’s butter
Dried parsley for color

Yield: 6 servings

Warm oven at 375°.

Wash veggies and slice and then mince garlic.

In a 9 X 12-glass dish, lay out the yams, potatoes, onion, and a garlic clove. Sprinkle a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a pinch of smoked salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

Make two more layers.

Top with Miyoko’s butter and dried parsley.

Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour.

I cooked it slow so I could go back to writing. Also, slow cooking retains more nutrients and flavor. You can take off the foil at the end of the hour and crisp it up.

I added a salad and cranberry sauce. Good Catch crab cakes are the best. I added some vegan mayo, but adding the cranberry sauce was awesome.

Potato Yam Bake. Pic by M.C.
Forno or the Porno. Pic by M.C.

Food for Thought:
I went to go see the movie Dune as soon as it came out. I have read the first three books Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. I was captivated by Dune from the start from his descriptions and philosophical narrative. Oh and his massive research. Book 2 is romantic and I think I will read it again someday. Book 3 had me questioning my own beliefs.

I think the movie was just as captivating. It doesn’t get through to the whole of book 1. Another movie will have to be made for book 1. For those who are complaining about there not being enough Zendaya, who plays Chani—you haven’t read the book. FYI Chani dies. I love Chani and I wish she didn’t die so soon.

I always recommend Dune for reading. My writer buddy went and got the audiobook from the library. She couldn’t listen to the book all the way through. She wrinkled her nose, at the box of pain that Paul puts his hand in, when telling me about it. Don’t do the audiobook. Dune should be read old school with the pages between your hands. Let me explain. When I read that part, it didn’t bother me. I just took it as Paul’s training. So then, I read Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner and said “Ah!” That’s where Frank Herbert got the box of pain idea. Steiner explains that the Lemurian’s trained the boys by putting them through tasks that I think involved pain or fighting and the girls were made to watch. This exercise was to toughen up the children during that era. So this is partly why I love Herbert and Steiner. I love the spiritual research that Herbert brings.

Since I mentioned The Nine in my last two posts, I heard Dark Journalist say that The Nine might be Egyptian gods hanging out in a spaceship. Isn’t that interesting. Something to research and maybe write about. He said this at the end of his X-Series #113 video. I would suggest watching any Dark Journalist video. One of the best videos I watched this year was The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade. They moved 22 royal Egyptian mummies to a new museum. Are the spaceship gods going to enter the mummies and resurrect themselves? Inquiring minds want to know. Watch it on YouTube. “The Hymn of Isis” sung by Egyptian Soprano Amira Selim is moving and powerful. I listen often.

I also just finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick because the book was mentioned on Dark Journalist. It was a very satisfying book. It’s seems prophetic or like the author had information from someone who knew the elites’ plan. Androids escape Mars and Rick Deckard is an android bounty hunter on Earth. Most humans are on Mars. Mostly “specials” are left behind. The story is set in San Francisco in 2021 after a world war. There’s a character, Mercer, who’s a rock climber on TV. People can hold an empathy box and feel rocks hitting them as they hit Mercer. Rick asks if Mercer is real. Then there’s a question of reality. I must read this book again.

I hope one of these books is on your Christmas list. And go see the movie Dune.

Merry Christmas and Happy Vegan!

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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Juice

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Juice with Turmeric. Pic by M.C.

As a writer one’s back can weaken, muscles can get pulled easily, and inflammation can happen. That’s where turmeric is helpful.

According to Mimi Kirk’s The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties also relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

I find turmeric great for all pulled muscles and inflammation issues. I like that turmeric is great for the memory. There is a lot to remember when writing stories. It’s also good for blood sugar, bones, digestive system, cholesterol, circulation, eyes (cataracts) due to vitamins A, C, and E, the heart, immune system, joints, and liver.

I made this juice intuitively for inflammation and pulled muscles. And really I wanted to hide the turmeric taste. So let’s see what all these fruits and veggies do.

Carrots are great for fiber so you feel full and aren’t over eating while you’re possibly immobile. Oranges I was told are hydrating besides having lots of vitamin C. Beets contain anti-inflammatory fighting nitrates by cleaning out the bloodstream and the betalaines (some kind of pigment) help too. Apples contain calcium, which is involved in muscle contractions. Lemons help cartilage and the peel contains calcium. Cucumbers also contain calcium. Parsley contains magnesium and calcium and so much more. Ginger is anti-inflammatory because it contains free radical protection.

As a reminder, I use an Omega MMV700 Series MegaMouth juicer.

5 carrots, medium
1/4 yellow beet, medium
1/2 Valencia orange
1 apple
1 lemon or lime
3-in. cucumber
1 or 2 parsley sprigs
2-3-in. turmeric
1-in. ginger

Yield: 12 – 15 ounces

Wash produce. Chop fruits, veggies, and roots into small 1-inch pieces. I leave the skin on lemons, but not limes or oranges. Juice your produce slowly through the juice. Enjoy!

Food for Thought:
I was thinking about last month’s post. I just want to clarify that Ancient Aliens is not a good place to get alien information. The show is too dumped down and drags out information never getting to the answers. I also want to share that I am hearing that the Galactic Federation of Worlds may be connected to The Nine. The Nine was started by some elites who used esoteric knowledge for materialistic endeavors. The Nine is many entities made of plasma as I understand. When I was reading about what “they” wrote or spoke The Nine called themselves the “I.” They sound like AI or computers. It definitely has a hallow feel to it. How the elites made a connection to The Nine, well I don’t know, but they did use channeling. Is this another false disclosure? Inquiring minds want to know.

Since this is a vegan blog, I thought I should talk about the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties. The British royals posted a video on YouTube of Prince Charles, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and many other leaders at the COP26. Prior, I had received an email (to his newsletter subscribers) from Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd saying that he wasn’t invited this year to the conference. He said he told the truth at the last conference in Paris. In Watson’s email he states, “My message was not received very warmly because I was not saying the nice things the delegates wanted to hear and I was not buying into the false promises and posturing that marks every one of these failed exercises in addressing the greatest threat to human survival in the history of the human species.”

I do believe Watson is doing great work. I’m not an expert on carbon dioxide, but atmospheric CO2 concentration accurate measurements began 63 years ago. Maybe we should look at the planet as far back as man goes, which may be 300,000 years. Climate Change has become a catchphrase. Can’t we take care of our planet without all the bureaucracy? Apparently not if Prince Charles has his way.

The conference speakers kept saying the children are going to be angry with us. Boris Johnson said half the world population is under the age of thirty. That is a very large impressionable group. Prince Charles said he wanted to give trillions of dollars to the industries to combat Climate Change, but he didn’t know where he was going to get the money.

So thinking things through, the elites keep connecting the current virus situation with the Great Reset and Climate Change. They say the earth can’t sustain itself and now we need to make a change. They don’t seem to want outsiders talking. Elites keep a very controlled environment. Are they going to try and create an alien hoax? Will aliens come from the sky and tell us they are our gods and they have all the answers to our problems? But will we have to take a vaccination in order to fly their spaceships so they can contact trace us? Inquiring minds want to know.

I find reading Rudolf Steiner helpful. His spiritual research is what is considered secret knowledge. His books are helpful in figuring out what the elites are up to. Elites have their own secret knowledge or as some would say they turned the knowledge upside down. When you read Steiner’s books, you can see how Hollywood and mainstream media have twisted important information.

I recently read Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner. He talks about karma, reincarnation, auras, and what a seer experiences. So my take on what we learn from mainstream media about karma is self-centered. He shows a connection from life to life and between lives. Steiner uses the term spirit country. In order to interpret our stay in spirit country we have to understand our purpose in the incarnation before. We go to the spirit country between incarnations. What you do between lives in spirit country carries on into your Earthly life. When it comes to reincarnation, he gives sleeping as an example. When you go to sleep what you did the day before you have no control over. And when you wake up what you did the day before follows you into the next day. He doesn’t go too much into auras. The seer part he says anyone can be a seer. It sounds like our destiny is wrapped into our purpose whether in a body or soul. So what you do in past lives and in spirit country follows you and determines your destiny. Interestingly, when we die our soul and spirit are dismissed by our body. Then at some point the soul and spirit part. In order to be more perfected in the next incarnation the spirit must rejuvenate in the spirit world. So back to karma, Steiner explains the soul is subject to self-created destiny or karma. What you did and what souls you did it with will follow you throughout your lives. It is very possible people you were connected with in the past will reincarnate around the same time as you to deal with the consequences. In my mind, finding out about reincarnation makes it more important to help one another and do what’s good the first time or the one hundredth time—that way one isn’t repeating the past. It also makes me feel more connected to people and wonder why we are connected and how were we connected in past lives.

Happy Vegan!

Recipe from blog of melissacrismon.com

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